The Great Loop of Magic

The latest cruises of Nelly and Jacques onboard Magic


L’ouragan Matthews a frappé violemment la République dominicaine, Haïti et la Floride. Il remonte, en faiblissant, la côte Est et est attendu ici, en Virginie ce weekend.

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When are we going to relax?


We are now the proud owners of our PDQ 34 “Magic”. Officially, we’ve been proud owners for 2 full days, even if she became gradually ours in the last few weeks. The long process that led us here started some 18 months ago, and we’ve had ample time to prepare ourselves. Everybody helped us, the boat was close to ready-to-go, Atlantic Yacht Basin is adding some finishing touches… Yet, do we fell relaxed and confident?

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Le journal de la Mousse

Il ne s’agira ici ni de bière, ni de dessert au chocolat mais tout simplement du journal de mes aventures à bord de Magic. A suivre dans la catégorie “La Mousse” (colonne de droite).

Everybody said Yes

jacquesandbillA big YES!

Our surveyors found no major deficiency to the boat, and we felt encouraged to go ahead with our purchase. We went back and forth a couple of times with Bob-the-broker, and Bill-the-owner, because we felt that Bill should resolve a few deficiencies before handing over the keys to the boat. He gracefully said yes. We asked to postpone the planned closing date, to allow for fund transfers, and that was okayed too.

So we signed the final Purchase Agreement today. Beach Magic will soon become… Magic. We will soon start the loooong list of things to do next. But first, a round of phone calls and emails to family and friends to spread the good news.

Survey Time

p1000050Chesapeake, VA, Sept. 25. We arrive at Atlantic Yacht Basin a little jet-lagged, but eager to start the survey of Bill’s power cat Beach Magic. The boat has already been hauled out, and we start right away.

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